“AEDIP has been a pioneer in the technical professions in treating CLIENT SATISFACTION as one of the most important goals. Unless the client is satisfied, “Construction Project Management” is not successful. Satisfaction raises a team’s work to the highest level of performance, and is the most important way of measuring whether a project has succeeded, and it adds value to the objectives achieved.

As an enterprise that provides Construction Project Management services, and as a member of AEDIP, each associate agrees to abide by the following Code of Practice:


Services to the client. I shall serve my clients honestly, competently, objectively and with integrity, establishing a relationship based on trust, confidentiality and using my best technical judgment consistent with the interests of my client.


Representation of qualification. I shall only accept commissions for which I am qualified by my training, professional experience and technical competence, and I shall assign a workforce to the projects on the basis of their suitability and in proportion to the services to be carried out.


Standard practice. I will render my services in a manner consistent with the accepted standards of the profession and in accordance with the legislation and regulations that govern this practice.


Fair competition. I shall pursue my professional activity on the basis of my direct experience and the services provided, and will complete fairly and with full respect for my professional colleagues.


Conflict of interests. I shall avoid any conflict of interest and will inform the client of any circumstance that might call into question my impartiality and objectivity or the integrity of the services provided.


Fair remuneration. I shall negotiate the bases for remuneration with my clients in a fair and open manner, and will fix reasonable fees and expenses that are consistent with the service to be provided and with the risks and responsibilities to be assumed.


Providing information. Any comments I may make in public will be accurate and objective. I shall keep confidential information and files in the appropriate way and will protect the property interests of my clients and professional colleagues.


Social Conscience. I shall not engage in any kind of racial, sexual or political discrimination in relation to any commission. I shall avoid any conduct that might be considered unethical or that might interfere with or be in conflict with the law, by-laws or regulations, and shall protect health, safety and social wellbeing in the course of my professional duties.


Professional development. I shall uphold the professional development of knowledge and skills and contribute to the practice of Construction Project Management as a profession by encouraging research, education and motivation.


Professional integrity. I shall avoid any action that might promote my own interests at the expense of the profession and shall defend the standards of the profession of Project Manager with honour and integrity.