Jordi Seguro Capa. Presidente

“Welcome to AEDIP”

The AEDIP website contains all the information you need to learn about the best companies in the technical consultancy sector that devote all or some of their professional and commercial energies to providing management services designed, organised and developed in accordance with the principles of “Project Management”.

The vision that has inspired AEDIP since 1994 is business competitiveness in the Spanish and international market in each cycle of the economy. Primarily driven by clients’ needs, the demand for services is constantly changing. A second force constantly driving the association forward is technology which, together with capital, flows to wherever there are opportunities for investment in the world, spurs our companies on to continual improvement, taking on new risks, their only goal being the client’s satisfaction.

The essential difference between a company that belongs to AEDIP and one that doesn’t is the degree of corporate social responsibility: AEDIP represents the mutual effort of a professional and business association represented by companies of the very highest standing that consciously invest to ensure that a high-quality, efficient and effective service exists in Spain and beyond, a service that is equal to the times we live in.

The principles that lead to client satisfaction are:

  • The radical understanding that a building and infrastructure comprise a liquid asset that needs to maintain its market value.
  • That a teaming agreement or public-private partnership needs reliable maintenance monitoring throughout the life of the installations, determination of the real value of replacements and diligent management that will achieve the developer’s corporate objectives and goals, as well as ensuring proper risk management in the design and execution phase.
  • Certifiable energy efficiency is a problem in our society, in Europe and the world, so our buildings and infrastructures need to be sustainable.
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a fundamental tool in the hands of the Project Manager and Developer for ensuring that the process, investment and final asset are more efficient. In the coming years BIM will result in a radical cultural change in the way the parties work together throughout the whole of the building and infrastructure’s lifecycle; the parametric model requires changes in the way processes are managed. We need to absorb, learn about and perfect these changes.
  • Training is an ongoing task at the various levels of the organisation and will achieve its purpose with proper tracking by the team of consultants; changing a habit based on knowledge is insufficient, because the project is the vehicle that introduces real change and contributes to sustainability in the society served by the building and infrastructure.

AEDIP also maintains a constant commitment to the quality of professional services and a vigilant attitude towards the pernicious effects of the market such as abnormally low tenders and discriminatory behaviour that conflict with the principles of open competition, publicity and transparency on which any healthy market should be based: charges for professional fees should be fair within the framework of a market economy where supply and demand determine the scope and price our clients need. However, destructive market forces also exist, such as predatory pricing, the presence of inadequately qualified operators that jeopardise the good name of the profession, excessively onerous conditions of contract, confusion between self-employed professionals and service companies, state aid in competitor countries that puts our companies at a competitive disadvantage, etc. On these crucial subjects, AEDIP fights for a fair price and conditions of contract.

Overall our actions simply aim to converge with the needs of our members and society’s other stakeholders to whom we have a duty to achieve a high degree of satisfaction by providing the right responses and strong leadership that will continue to take us forward to a better future.

Jordi Seguro Capa, President
June 2015